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Chamber – Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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It can be difficult to separate personal challenges from your day-to-day work life. The Arive® Employee Assistance Program – included in some benefits packages – gives you access to qualified professionals who can help you handle situations impacting your emotional and mental health and wellness including:

  • Anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Work-related challenges
  • Dependency concerns
  • Family and marital issues
  • Eldercare concerns
  • Nutritional advice

This service is completely confidential. When you call, you’ll speak to an Intake Specialist who will talk with you to understand your needs. You’re guaranteed an appointment with a health professional within five days with additional appointments being scheduled based on your needs.

One simple call can make all the difference.

Watch this short video to learn more:


Scared to Start

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Often someone who starts a business is employed.  Having come up with a great new idea, seeing an opportunity or just looking to change pace of their current life.  Many times the decision to leave the organization you are part of can be a difficult decision to make.   Your company probably offers great health benefits and leaving that might be the last concern you have.

Let us make it a little easier…

The Chamber Plan offers coverage starting with 1 person firms!  Our plans also offer Single person, Single Parent, Couple and Family Rates so you only pay for the coverage that best fits your family.



Single Person Business Seeking Benefits

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It sounds like it could be a weird Craigs list ad, but now thankfully working by yourself doesn’t mean your all alone!

Insurers are realizing that the single person business is a large part of the Canadian business landscape and are offering benefits for those businesses.  Now  your not going to get a robust benefits plan with all the “bells and whistles” but you are going to get a good basic plan that will offer some of the basic coverage that a person needs.

“Employee benefits for all!”

The Chambers Plan has recently offered a plan that secures their place as the go to carrier for small business.  No industry exclusions and no family content exclusions also help them in that effort, but now that they offer a guaranteed coverage option from a plan starting with just one(1) employee.

Want a quote?

  1. Complete the employee data information (only once)

We’ll get a quote done up for your and send via email!

Features you’ll be really interested in.

  1. Travel Insurance – Yes there will be some limits, but enough for the average vacation
  2. Drug coverage – Yes with a lower yearly cap than most plans, but great for the averagely healthy person
  3. Dental Coverage – Basic coverage for checkups and cleanings

Digital and Electronic Signatures

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Here is a great article about digital and electronic signatures that has inspired our short article here today!

Insurance Companies are slowly adapting to the electronic and digital signature model.  We have found that it is very convenient for many of our clients. In some cases much of our business can be completed this way and only when an insurer requires original signatures does it slow things down.

We recently went shopping the market for a Digital/Electronic Signature solution. PandaDoc came out on top, but there are many great players in the industry out there! Our second place option Proposify offered a very easy to use platform, unlimited users but limited documents.

Maybe your business could benefit from a digital signature platform?

Understanding Digital Change

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It’s kind of amazing how these days we can purchase, view, download, upload, subscribe, order, schedule and so many more things from the comfort of just about anywhere.  For example being on the road I was able to “LEARN” from Bharat Anand  Henry R. Byers Professor of Business Administration Harvard Business School.  Having the ability to sit under lectureship of an educator of his caliber is amazing.  How was this possible you ask?, where did I go? I went to YouTube.  Thanks to our friends at hosting a great event and recording it to be shown for free!  This is a “digital change” from even 10 years ago YouTube had just begun and now is the powerhouse of video activity (Not just cat videos)

With technology some new businesses exist, some are gone, and some are changing.  This great video by Mr. Anand offers hope to clients in businesses that are subject to a changing environment because of technology.  Worth the 27 minutes of your time to watch. How often can you get this type of education for free!