Game Changing Benefit for Traveling!

Chris Nicholson

/ 1 min read

Are you traveling? Are you covered under a Chamber Plan?

If you answered yes to both this is for you!

While going through the FAQ’s for Teladoc we discovered this!, And Blown Away is not an understatement.

Yes. You can use Teladoc when visiting the United States.

Teladoc FAQ

To schedule a visit when in the U.S., please call our local member services team, available 24/7 at 1-800-TELADOC (835-2362). You will be connected to one of our U.S. network-board certified internists, family doctors, or pediatricians licensed to practice medicine in the U.S.

If a Teladoc doctor prescribes a medication while you’re visiting the United States, please consult your travel coverage provider prior to filling the prescription.

Why is this amazing, Going to a hospital or clinic has many fee’s associated with the visit to a hospital. Now emergency situations are still going to require that, but maybe you just have a simple stomach bug, or Flu that just a prescription is all that is needed, you’ll save your time in a waiting room and get back to your vacation quickly!

Maybe you’ve purchased top up insurance through one of our recommended providers with a higher deductible to keep insurance costs low.

Using a service like Teladoc ensures that you are only going to a clinic or hospital when needed

*Make sure to contact your travel insurance provider before going to a clinic or hospital while traveling

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