To Start…

We need to get data from the person responsible for group insurance, either business owners, managers, or payroll administrators.  We can meet face to face, speak over the phone or complete the information online

Tell us your needs, we then determine a plan that meets the needs of your employees.

We do the Legwork

We shop around and find you a plan that is tailor fit to your company’s needs. We work with the following insurers: (and maybe more)

We Report back to You

We generate a report to help you understand coverage offered by the carriers competing for your coverage!


We Get You Started,

After a decision is made on the plan, we walk you through the administration of activating your policy.

We Get your employees enrolled and assist you in the employee activation process. We then meet with your employees to go over the benefits, and coverage of your plan.


Once up and running we are the place to call, email, text, Facebook message, tweet or carrier pigeon for help in any issue that may come up with your plan!

We have an ongoing process we call “3, 6, 9” where we review your aggregate claims data and contact you if need be to keep on top of where things are going in the future!

It all starts with an email or call to book a free introduction meeting, we’ll bring coffee!

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