Single Person Business Seeking Benefits

Chris Nicholson

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It sounds like it could be a weird Craigs list ad, but now thankfully working by yourself doesn’t mean your all alone!

Insurers are realizing that the single person business is a large part of the Canadian business landscape and are offering benefits for those businesses.  Now  your not going to get a robust benefits plan with all the “bells and whistles” but you are going to get a good basic plan that will offer some of the basic coverage that a person needs.

“Employee benefits for all!”

The Chambers Plan has recently offered a plan that secures their place as the go to carrier for small business.  No industry exclusions and no family content exclusions also help them in that effort, but now that they offer a guaranteed coverage option from a plan starting with just one(1) employee.

Want a quote?

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Features you’ll be really interested in.

  1. Travel Insurance – Yes there will be some limits, but enough for the average vacation
  2. Drug coverage – Yes with a lower yearly cap than most plans, but great for the averagely healthy person
  3. Dental Coverage – Basic coverage for checkups and cleanings