Long Term Disability

Chris Nicholson

/ 1 min read

Disability insurance is a benefit that is generally one of the most important parts of a benefits package. While some companies opt to fund a short term disability or don’t even offer one at all.

Disability Insurance generally begins on the 121st day of an employee being sick and/or injured and not able to work.

Employees making a claim of disability are encouraged to contact NGI for us to help in documenting and completing of application in the most effective manner.

Here is the usual time line of a disability claim.
1.Employee Injured or Receives note from Doctor they are no longer medically fit to work.
2. If injured in work place or illness is workplace related a claim through the workers compensation board is required!
3. Application for Employment Insurance (EI) sick benefits should be applied for.
4. Between 30 – 60 days from date of disability application for LTD Should begun (as these applications require doctors reports it is recommended that this is started no later than 60 days from date of disability, however we usually find around the 45 day mark to be the best.
5. If approved payment will may not be received on the 121st day but payment is received for the 121st day.
6. Ongoing regular communications from the insurance company will be received by the employee and NGI is not always aware of the content it is the responsibility of the employee to stay on top of additional requirements as requested by the insurance company.  Employees are always encouraged to contact NGI for assistance if needed.