Lets Talk Drugs

Chris Nicholson

/ 1 min read

80% of the claims made in most employee benefits are for prescription drugs.  Prescription drugs play an important part in good health care of plan members and their families,   Here are some simple and easy things to do to make sure you are saving yourself some money and maintaining good health.

  1. Ask your doctor for longer supplies 
    1. Many prescriptions can be dispensed for up to 90 days and the dispensing fee’s can equal up to 30% of the cost associated with a companies drug claims…so keeping dispensing fee’s lower can help keeping those fee’s down
  2. Shop around
    1. Ask your pharmacy what their dispensing fee is.  Dispensing fee’s do vary from pharmacy to pharmacy and due to regulation around mark up on drugs are one of the few ways a pharmacy can
  3. Discount Programs?
    1. You can see if your prescription is covered with RxHelp or Innovicares. RxHelp and Innovicares offer discount programs to participating drugs.
  4. Is it on the formulary?
    1. If your plan uses a formulary drugs that are part of the formulary are usually the best medication to be using to treat a condition.  If your drug is not part of the formulary having a conversation with your doctor is a great place to start!
  5. Take your drugs as prescribed
    1. Your health is important, if you pay for a prescription make sure you take it.  Medications not taken as prescribed by your doctor are a cost to you and your plan with no health benefit.  Your plan is all about the health benefit it provides to their plan members.  If you purchase a prescription but don’t take it appropriately the benefit of the cost is lost.