Warning – Your Next Dentist Visit Could Cost You More Than You Think!


Warning – Your next dentist visit could cost you more than you think!

Your dentist is trying to provide you the best service they can, but where the world of dental expertise and insurance coverage intersect is a dangerous one that can leave you with a bill for services you thought were covered.  What do you need to know before your next visit?


  • If it’s any work other than check up and/or cleanings, request your dentist do a PREDETERMINATION.  This is where they send a copy of a claim for the work they would do to the insurance company.  The insurance company will then come back with what they will pay for that service.  It can delay things but it will help you have the right information to make the decision that is best for you!


  • Dental offices may lead you to believe they know what you’re covered for, but they don’t.  They do not have access to your plan, if they are not providing you with a copy of a PREDETERMINATION it may not be true.  They may make assumptions because you have coverage with ABC Insurance Company, but not all contracts with Insurance Companies are the same. Many contracts are customized for the needs of the employees in each company.


  • Remember that Dentist offices are businesses, each person that books with them is an opportunity to make money.  We do know many great dentists that make fine livings providing top quality services to their patients without recommending unnecessary or unwanted dental work done.
    • Ask family, friends, co-workers etc where they have gone for dental work.
    • Check out reviews on Google, Facebook etc. (Remember that people post more bad stories than good ones)  If you have been to a good dentist office remember to post your story to their Google or Facebook page to help others find a good dentist.
  • Because they are businesses your purchases have power! Loosing a family is a huge loss to a dental clinic that could be 2 to 10 appointments/year just one family.  So you have choice, and it’s in your best interest to shop around.

Scared to Start

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Often someone who starts a business is employed.  Having come up with a great new idea, seeing an opportunity or just looking to change pace of their current life.  Many times the decision to leave the organization you are part of can be a difficult decision to make.   Your company probably offers great health benefits and leaving that might be the last concern you have.

Let us make it a little easier…

The Chamber Plan offers coverage starting with 1 person firms!  Our plans also offer Single person, Single Parent, Couple and Family Rates so you only pay for the coverage that best fits your family.